BTS635s – Demolition Saw, 2-Stroke

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The gasoline cut-off saws of the BTS range are your ideal companions on site. They are extremely durable and robust thanks to high quality manufacturing standards of their individual components. The design is perfectly balanced, making for easy and intuitive operation of the device. The air-cooled two-cycle engine has a high torque with reliable power transmission.This ensures the first-class cutting performance of the BTS range. And they remain easily within all specified emission limits.

– First-class cutting performance.

– Way above average operating times.

– High performance engine with high torque.

– Robust high quality construction.

– Hand-arm vibrations below 5m/s².

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (L x W x H) 825 x 315 x 420 mm
Weight 11.3 kg
Blade diameter max.350 mm
Blade diameter min.300 mm
Range 4.5 mm
Blade arbor 25.4 mm
RPM / speed of the blade (max.)4,240 rpm
Cutting depth max.128 mm
Engine / Motor Single-cylinder two-cycle gasoline engine
Displacement 86 cm³
Engine performance 4.3 kW
Fuel consumption2.3 L/h
Tank capacity1.1 L
Gasoline / oil mixture 50:1

The 3-stage air filter system: saves time and money

The Soft-Start: no effort recoil starter

The pulled in air passes first through the cyclone filter where the majority of dirt particles are already removed. This is followed by the foam material prefilter. The pre-cleansed air only meets the main filter at the end of the process. This results in a manifold increase of the air filter’s service life. In addition, there is only minimal loss of pressure.This ensures a consistently high engine performance.An innovative mechanism allows the user to start the device with minimal effort. Less strenuous and faster, ready for action.

* Thus the hand-arm vibration remains well below the threshold of 5 m/s². This permits a continuous operation of up to eight hours per day. According to EU Directive EU 2002/44/EC.

BTS Accessories

Precisely guided
The BTS guide cart is ideal for smaller cutting work in the ground: short cuts in asphalt or concrete can easily be done without uncomfortable stooping down. The water connection and a water tank are integrated in the cart.

Simply flexible
The quickly connectable water tank makes you independent of water connections, thus increasing the application radius.

Diamond blades
First-class diamond blades for various application areas can be found here.