Dingo Bucket – 4 in 1, With Teeth, 1,050mm, 3/8″ Fittings

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Operated with skill this will be one of the most useful attachments you will have for your Dingo.

As a bucket – It can be operated as a normal loader bucket, and can load into taller trucks with ease, by emptying from the opening at the bottom.

As a grab – The 4 in 1 bucket is great for lifting and carrying a variety of objects.

As a blade – The 4 in 1 bucket pushes a load easily for backfilling trenches etc.

As a leveller – With the jaws open and with the open edges near to the ground the 4 in 1 bucket can be dragged forward and backward for levelling.

Used for: Bucket work, moving heavy objects, levelling dirt and back filling trenches.

Used by: Contractors, Landscapers, Fencers, Electricians, Plumbers, Councils and Hire Companies.

Goes with: Rippers, Levellers.

Note: Will NOT fit SM440

STANDARD (1,050mm)WIDE VERSION (1,200mm)
Capacity Struck:0.13m³0.15m³
Capacity Heaped:0.17m³0.20m³
Approx Weight:125kg130kg