Dingo Rock Picker Screen

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This is an ideal labour saver attachment that makes a lot of sense for landscapers, fencing contractors and builders. The Dingo Rock Screen fits onto the Dingo Post Hole Digger and is locked into place by a pin mounted in the Post Hole Digger frame.

This attachment is ideal if you want to separate the coarse rocks and rubble from the better dirt, sand, etc? It can self load by simply driving it into the pile that needs separating, start the turning motion, and out comes clean fill. Drive the Dingo to the pile of rubble and tip it out.

Another great and clever way to utilise the drive head of your Posthole Digger.

Used For: Landscaping, Gardeners, Builders

Used By: Fencing Contractors, Builders, Pool Builders, Landscapers, Paving Contractors, Playground Installers and National Parks.


Capacity:200 L
Drum Speed:20 RPM (Recommended)
Height:770 mm
Width (Diameter):650 mm
Approx Weight:57 kg