DPU4545Hec – Vibrating Plate – Electric Start, Diesel, Compatec

High compaction force combined with fast forward and reverse travel means the DPU 4545 achieves great productivity. It is an all around versatile plate for all job sites that place high demands on the machine’s performance potential. Its other outstanding characteristics are high operator comfort and a long service life. It is perfectly suited for the compaction of building back-fill, and of frost and sub bases when constructing roads, paths and parking lots. The 69 Hz frequency makes the DPU 4545 suitable for all purposes and compacts even medium-weight interlocking paving stone reliably.

– Intuitive guide handle design: The operator changes the direction of travel and speed simply by moving the handle forwards and backwards.

– Infinitely variable forward and reverse operation including spot compaction for easy maneuverability. Ideal for trenches and large areas.

– Comprehensive comfort features: e.g. low oil shut off, self tightening V-belt and maintenance-free alternator.

– The large diesel engine with its high reserve capacity ensures great efficiency and a long service life.

– Available with standard electric start and crank start back-up. Different extension plates provide a variety of operating widths.

– Compatec: Easy-to-read display of the relative compaction progress. Warning for overload and over-compaction. Brightness adjustment of the lights to the ambient light. Extremely sturdy and reliable.

Operating data

Operating weight (kg)402423424
Centrifugal force (kN)454545
Base plate size (W x L) (mm)440 x 900440 x 900440 x 900
Base plate thickness (mm)121212
Height (without center pole) (mm)790790790
Operating width (with extension plate) (mm)600600600
Frequency (Hz)696969
Hand-arm vibrations (m/s²)< 2.5< 2.5< 2.5
Advance travel max. (dependent on soil and environmental influences) (m/min)252525
Surface capacity max. (dependent on soil and environmental influences) (m²/h)910910910
Gradeability (%)57.757.757.7
Transport height (mm)1,5401,5401,540
Transport length (mm)1,0481,0481,048
Transport width (mm)780780780

Engine / Motor

Engine / Motor type Air-cooled single cylinder four-cycle diesel engineAir-cooled single cylinder four-cycle diesel engineAir-cooled single cylinder four-cycle diesel engine
Engine / Motor manufacturer HatzHatzHatz
Engine / Motor model1D42S1D42S1D42S
Displacement (cm³)445445445
Engine performance max. (DIN ISO 3046 IFN) (kW)777
at rpm3,6003,6003,600
Operating performance (DIN ISO 3046 IFN) (kW)
at rpm3,0003,0003,000
Fuel consumption  (L/h)
Fuel tank capacity (L)555
Power transmission From the drive motor via centrifugal clutch and V-belt directly to the exciter.From the drive motor via centrifugal clutch and V-belt directly to the exciter.From the drive motor via centrifugal clutch and V-belt directly to the exciter.
Fuel type DieselDieselDiesel


Very low hand-arm vibration (HAV)

The specially designed center pole from Wacker Neuson generates very low hand-arm vibration (HAV) below 2.5 m/s².

This allows for a continuous operation all day long without impairment and without hazard to the end user.

All documentation requirements are omitted if an operator works only with equipment that has acceleration values below 2.5 m/s².

Intuitive control handle design

The speed is regulated and the travel direction is changed through the forward and backward movement of the handle.

The control panel

  • Built to be sturdy and therefore well-protected against dirt and moisture.
  • All functions and displays in view and easily accessible: Ignition lock, operating light, charge control lamp, jump start pin, operating hour meter (optional) and Compatec (optional).

Compatec – the compaction control

  • If the number of lights no longer increases, then the maximum soil compaction possible with this unit has been achieved.
  • Available directly ex works

Jump start pin

  • Very easy to access for easy charging of the battery, for example after a winter break.
  • No risk of dirt accumulation. The jump start pin is protected and is only pulled out if necessary.


Pinpoint compaction
With Compatec, you are shown when the ground has been sufficiently compacted. Over-compaction and overload are therefore avoided.
Transport in no time
Whether on the job site or in a vehicle: Sophisticated details make transporting the vibratory plates convenient and easy.
Low hand-arm vibrations (HAV)
Low hand-arm vibrations (HAV) are essential, especially during long-time application. Our reversible vibratory plates can be used without a time restriction,largely even without a documentation requirement.
Integrated operator comfort
All of the Wacker Neuson models can be comfortably operated for particularly pleasant work.
Diesel or gasoline drive system
High power reserves and a long service life characterize the engines of all of the models, and they are optionally available as a gasoline or diesel drive system.