DT15 Tracked Dumper – Front Tip – Diesel

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The track dumper DT15 is the ideal transporter on all types of soil, such as gravel or sand, as well as boggy or hilly terrain. The one-piece engine hatch and optimal configuration of the service points make daily maintenance easy.

– The hydrostatic drive enables easy and comfortable operation.

– Folding ROPS roll bar for passageways with low-headroom.

– Low center of gravity for increased stability and guaranteed gradeability up to 62%.

– Auxiliary hydraulics as standard for additional attachments, such as concrete mixers, breakers etc.

– A variety of robust and stable hydraulic tipping skips and other attachments are available, for instance a front-tipping skip, a high-tipping skip, a 3-way side-tipping platform or a hydraulic high-volume concrete mixer.

Front tip skipSwivel tip skipHigh tip skipSpecial skipConcrete mixer

Operating data

Shipping weight1,310 kg1,330 kg1,540 kg1,270 kg1,430 kg
Shipping weight1,390 kg1,620 kg1,510 kg
Payload max. 1,500 kg1,500 kg1,500 kg1,500 kg1,500 kg
Skip capacity (level)660 L550 L632 L520 L
Skip capacity (heaped)800 L760 L650 L690 L360 L
Dimensions (L x W x H) (mm)2,585 x 1,080 x 2,3722,674 x 1,080 x 2,3722,609 x 1,080 x 2,3722,640 x 1,080 x 2,3722,403 x 1,080 x 2,372

Engine / Motor

Engine performance15 kW15 kW15 kW15 kW15 kW
at rpm 3,000 rpm3,000 rpm3,000 rpm3,000 rpm3,000 rpm
Travel speed4 km/h4 km/h4 km/h4 km/h4 km/h
Travel speed7.5 km/h7.5 km/h7.5 km/h7.5 km/h7.5 km/h
Gradeability 27 %27 %27 %27 %27 %
Fuel tank capacity24 L24 L24 L24 L24 L

– Diesel engine.

– Dual variable displacement pump.

– High pressure lines from the pump to the motor.

– Distributor transmission/axle.

Hydrostatic drive system

Simply start and off you go: Thanks to the hydrostatic drive system, no frequent gear changing is required and the operator can focus entirely on his work. Ideal for rental parks or frequently changing operators.

– Hydraulically activated, pilot-controlled forward + reverse travel lever for sensitive operation.

– Two driving positions: optionally sensitive with a high tractive force or fast.

– Hydraulically activated drive system and work hydraulics can be operated independently from each other.

– Low service and maintenance costs thanks to the low-wear drive system.


Valuable time can be saved during maintenance and therefore money can also be saved. The better and faster the access to the hydraulics or engine are, the faster the machine is back in application.

– Good service access in order to safely take care of daily control procedures.

– Quick access to the maintenance points.

– High degree of safety due to the lockable engine hood.

Always constant propulsion,

because the suspension-mounted rollers adapt to the underground.