EW100 Wheeled Excavator – Incl. Easy Lock Hitch

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The 10-ton mobile excavator EW100 wins over with a power output, low fuel consumption and particularly user-friendly features. The minimized fuel consumption – with savings of up to 20 percent – is achieved through the new ECO operating mode, which allows for efficient work by reducing the rpm’s and by adapting the pump: a plus for the environment and the wallet. The mobile excavator EW100 is particularly operator-friendly thanks to a drive pedal – for both road travel as well as working operation.

– 30km/h top speed.

– 15% more power output with up to 20% less fuel consumption.

– Equipped with a stage 3b engine.

– Modern jog dial system, known in the automotive industry: the menu is intuitively operated via a rotary push button.

– Maximum connection options with up to 5 auxiliary control circuits, of which 3 are individually adjustable.

Operating data

Operating weight 9,685 – 11,036 kg
Biting force max. 47 kN
Breakout force max. 54.1 kN
Digging depth max.4,244 mm
Dumping height5,933 – 6,201 mm
Digging radius max. 8,107 mm
Superstructure slewing speed 10 rpm

Engine / Motor

Engine / Motor manufacturer Perkins
Engine / Motor model854E-E34TA
Engine / Motor type4-cylinder turbo diesel engine
Displacement 3,300 cm³
Operating speed2,400 rpm
Engine performance according to ISO55 kW
Battery 100 Ah
Fuel tank capacity 170 L

Hydraulic system

Duty pump 1-pump Load Sensing
Max. flow rate 180 + 145 L/min
Operating pressure for driving hydraulics440 bar
Hydraulic oil tank 120 L


Axles frontOscillating steering axle
Axles rearRigid steering axle
Tires (standard)Dual tires 8.25/20
Turning radius 5,570 mm
Track width 1,942 mm
Ground clearance 340 mm
Travel speed 20 km/h version, max.20 km/h
Travel speed 30 km/h version, max.30 km/h

Dozer Blade

Width 2,454 mm
Height 500 mm
Stroke 498 mm
Stroke 132 mm

Sound level

Sound level (LwA) 96 dB(A)

30 km/h offer a great mobility

The EW100 drives to the job site at up to 30 km/h – this saves time, money and the additional transport.

ECO Mode

Low-consumption work and hight fuel savings.

+ 15 % power
– 20 % consumption
+ 30 % tractive force

In comparsion to the previous model.

Modern jog dial system

As known in the automotive industry – the menu is handled intuitively by a jog dial system. Choose the perfect working mode:

– ECO mode
standard mode for efficient and fuel-saving work.

– HI mode
maximum pump capacity for fast and powerful work.

– LOW mode
For precision work.

Emission stage 3B

Environmentally friendly and economic in consumption – thanks to its exhaust emission stage 3B and nearly 20% less fuel consumption. Three operating modes are available during application on the job site.

Maintanance 2.0

– Connect any output device, laptop or tablet with the connection inside the cabin and instantly gain access to the maintanance diagnosis tool.

– The EW100 is equipped additionally with an error code output and standard mini measurement connections.

– Time is money – and downtime is expensive.

Excellent service access

– Access easily the service points by the tiltable cabin and the wide opening engine hood.

– All maintenance components like fuel, air, oil and hydraulics filter, the water and the hydraulics cooler are easy to access.