Jetwave Dakota 515 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

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$655.00 Incl GST

Quick Specs

Performance: 1,200 – 1,500 Watt

Drive: Electric

Type: Wet & Dry



1 x stage mono motor with by-pass cooling.

Sound absorbent filter to ensure low noise levels.

Ultra shock proof plastic holding tank.

UV and shock resistant plastic head.

Motor protection via sealant float and anti-foam system.

Reliable construction for intensive use.

Practical cable hook and trolley pole storage.

Ergonomic handle with convenient airflow regulator.

PowerHook™ 2-stage strong flexible nylon core cleat for easy removal of head.

4 x castor wheels for easy mobility.

Bend-flex crush proof hose to withstand stress and torsion.

Independent motors with ON/OFF illuminated switch.

Technical Specifications

Drive Electric
Type Wet & Dry
Usage Frequency Daily
Motor Performance 1,250-1,500 Watt
Power 240 V
Cable Length 8.5 m
Tank Capacity 27 L
Sound Pressure Level 72 dB(A)

Typical Applications



Retail Stores

Office Buildings

Construction Sites

Hotels / Apartments

Cleaning Contractors