Jetwave Storm Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

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$2,749.00 Incl GST

Quick Specs

Performance: 3,600 Watt

Drive: Electric

Type: Extraction



2 x double stage motor with by-pass cooling.

Sound absorbent filter to ensure low noise levels.

Heavy duty stainless steel holding tank.

UV and shock resistant plastic head.

Reliable construction for intensive use.

Practical cable hook for storage.

Ergonomic handle.

Stainless steel snap connections.

Big capacity external solution holding tank with pick-up filter.

PowerHook™ 2-stage strong flexible nylon core cleat for easy removal of head.

Heavy duty rubber wheels for easy mobility.

Bend-flex crush proof hose to withstand stress and torsion.

Visible illumination switches for motor and solution pump operation.

Motor protected via sealant float and anti-float system.

Quick drain front hose on holding tank.

Technical Specifications

Usage FrequencyDaily
Motor Performance2,400 Watts
Pump Power90 Watts
Power240 V
Cable Length8.5 m
Tank Capacity62 L

Typical Applications


Retail Stores

Car Detailers

Office Buildings

Aviation Industry


Cleaning Contractors