Jetwave Viperflex Hose 15M-120M

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The Jetwave® ViperFlex™ product was not only designed for improved protection from the harsh environment, but also for increased efficiency. Due to the special design, less water pressure is needed to move the hose, resulting in greater water pressure and jetting action at
the nozzle.


Better Coupling Retention, by utilising a coupling with better cold flow characteristics the hose has exceptional coupling retention.

Armor Clad Fittings, Best choice for severe applications. Provides up to 600 hours plus of red rust corrosion protection.

Thicker cover, 15-20% thicker cover for added protection.

75% Coefficient of Friction, test reports show that the cover reduces the coefficient of friction by up to 75% over standard polyurethane covers (less drag).

67% Superior Abrasion, test reports show a 67% improvement in abrasion and chatter gouging over standard polyurethane covers with the new cover.

Proprietary Tube, specially formulated elastomer tube for a higher resistance to hydrolysis (water degradation) and improved flexibility.

Better Bond, proprietary bonding process that provides exceptional adhesion – tube to braid and braid to cover.


Technical Specifications

Product CodeNom IDMax Outside Dimension (mm)Min Bend Radius (cm)Max Working Pressure (psi)Coil Length (m)Burst Pressure (psi)Temp Weight (kg)Fittings
HOP3VFX60ASSY 3/16”10.72.5450766012690 -40°C to +57°COne (1) piece x 1/8” M and One (1) piece 1/4” M
HOP4VFX60ASSY1/4″12.83.850766012690 -40°C to +57°COne (1) piece x 1/4” F and One (1) piece 1/4” M
HOP6VFX60ASSY3/8″16.86.3550766012690 -40°C to +57°COne (1) piece x 3/8” M and One (1) piece 1/4” M