Jetwave Viperflex Water Jetting Hose 3/16” (60 metres)

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$825.00 Incl GST


– 350 bar (5,076 psi) rated

– Better Coupling Retention, by utilising a coupling with better cold flow characteristics the hose has exceptional coupling retention.

– Armor Clad Fittings, Best choice for severe applications. Provides up to 600 hours plus of red rust corrosion protection.

– Thicker cover, 15-20% thicker cover for added protection.

– 75% Coefficient of Friction, test reports show that the cover reduces the coefficient of friction by up to 75% over standard polyurethane covers (less drag).

– 67% Superior Abrasion, test reports show a 67% improvement in abrasion and chatter gouging over standard polyurethane covers with the new cover.

– Proprietary Tube, specially formulated elastomer tube for a higher resistance to hydrolysis (water degradation) and improved flexibility.

– Better Bond, proprietary bonding process that provides exceptional adhesion – tube to braid and braid to cover.