Light Balloon LB50H/230/50 230V 2000W 5m

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Illumination coverage*154 m²
Luminous flux50,000 lm
Lamp typeHalogen
Lamp output2,000 W
Dimensions Ø x H1,000 x 700 mm
Diameter1,000 mm
Height700 mm
Operating weight8.6 kg
Operating temperature (min.)-25 ° C
Operating temperature (max.)40 ° C
Voltage230 V
Operating current8.7 A
Frequency50 Hz
Cable length (balloon to ballast)5.6 m
Transport dimensions (L x W x H)1,350 x 230 x 452 mm
*With at least 20 foot-candles; light at 5 meters height



Tripod ProTripod Compact
Dimensions (L x W x H)1620 x 1435 x 1920 – 4618mm1590 x 1430 x 1840 – 3106mm
Height Light point (min.)2.3 m2.2 m
Height Light point (max.)5 m3.4 m
Weight17 kg14.6 kg


Mountable light balloons

HQI lamp with 80,000 lumens and ballastHalogen lamp (operation without ballast): 100% luminance intensity directly after switching on


Sturdy tripods

Tripod Pro: Light source height of 5 metersTripod Compact: Light source height of 3.4 meters

Convenient accessories

Carry caseCarry bagStrap
Anchoring setAdapter for weighting elementsJoint: Ideal, for example, for lighting wall

Illumination areas

Illumination with HQI lamp with 5 meter tripod heightIllumination with halogen lamp with 5 meter tripod heightIllumination with halogen lamp with 3.4 meter tripod height