RD18-100 – Double Drum Ride-On Roller – Diesel (German Built)

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Thanks to their large drum diameter combined with a low machine center of gravity, the articulated RD18 models provide for first-class compaction performances. The end user benefits from maximum driving comfort here thanks to the three-point articulated joint and the intuitive operation. One special feature of the RD18-100 and RD18-100C models is the unilateral drum lifting point, which makes it possible to compact right up to the edge or on the wall.

– Optionally available as a tandem-axle roller or a combination roller.

– Compaction in road and highway construction up to the edge due to the unilateral drum lifting point.

– Installed articulated pendulum joint ensures for even compaction, a high level of maneuverability and a high level of driving stability.

– Optimal visual conditions due to the slim design.

Operating data

Operating weight with roll-over protective structure1,670 kg
Operating weight max.1,950 kg
Dimensions (L x W x H)2,260 x 1,056 x 2,210 mm
Drum width1,000 mm
Drum diameter620 mm
Operating width1,056 mm
Ground clearance middle230 mm
Drum type frontsmooth/undivided
Drum type rearsmooth/undivided
Axle load front815 kg
Axle load rear855 kg
Centrifugal force level I25 kN
Centrifugal force level II16 kN
Frequency level I65 Hz
Frequency level II52 Hz
Amplitude0.45 mm
Linear force – front / rear static8.1 / 8.6 N/mm
Advance travel max183 m/min
Gradeability with vibration30%
Gradeability without vibration40%
Turning radius inside2,130 mm

Engine / Motor

Engine / Motor type3-cylinder diesel engine
Engine / Motor manufacturerKubota
Engine performance ISO 1439614.8 kW
Fuel tank capacity33 L
Water tank capacity70 L


Unilateral drum lifting point

Articulated pendulum joint

Excellent compaction performance right up to the edge: With the unilateral lifting point of the drum, you have clear sided curb clearance that allows flush rolling on both sides and can move the roller directly up to walls or curbs. The re-compaction, e.g. with a rammer, is omitted.
Only available for the models RD18-100 and RD18-100C.
Uniform compaction, optimal driving stability: The three-point articulated pendulum joint ensures a uniform weight distribution on the front and rear drum at all times. This also improves the maneuverability and provides for maximum tipping safety and stability when turning curves.

Tandem-axle roller

Front and rear with vibration drums.

The vibration drum optimally brings the material to be compacted into oscillation with quick successive vertical forces. The built-in eccentric weight provides for a fast rotation and you get an excellent compaction performance.

Suitable for:
All traditional compaction work

Combination roller

Vibration drum in the front, tires in the rear.

Even with the combination rollers, the forces are directed vertically downwards The advantage over tandem-axle rollers are the tires. That is why combination rollers always have very good traction on gradients.

Suitable for:
Compaction work on gradients and in uneven ground conditions

Optimal view

Everything is perfectly within view: With the specially designed, tapered design of the roller, you always have an excellent view of the drum edges, the machine environment and the job site.


Working area in view 
The tapered design of the rollers gives you a good view of the drum edges or the machine environment.
Finely tiered selection of models 
Tandem-axle rollers with vibration or oscillation drums as well as combination rollers in various weight classes: At Wacker Neuson, you will find exactly the model that you need for your project.
Excellent compaction performance
Regardless of which of our rollers you choose – you will be excited about the compaction performance.
Excellent driving stability
Whether on rough terrain or when turning a curve – with the three-point articulated pendulum joint, you are always safely on the move.


iF Design Award 2016
The tandem roller series RD won the iF Design Award 2016 in the product category. The RD series convinced above all by the clearly structured operating elements and the intuitive handling, which is supported by the design.