Dingo Trencher Pro 900 x 150mm with Cup Teeth

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Our Most Impressive Attachment!

Dingo’s are incredible trenching machines. They will outperform all pedestrian trenchers and many larger machines including Bobcats.

The clever Dingo hydraulic system, powerful pulling chain with more teeth, and slower chain speed easily cuts through roots, rocks and other Obstacles.

 The Dingo trencher has the ability to be mounted in the side shift position so that you can dig within 200mm of walls & fences etc.

You can see what you are doing! The Dingo Trencher gives the operator the ability to see what they are doing at all times, enabling visibility and maneuverability.

The Trench Cleaner tool option will save you a lot of time by dragging along the bottom of the trench ensuring that the bottom of the trench is clean.

Without this tool overburden tends to fall back into the hole. The trench cleaner will ensure that you don’t need to dig at 700mm depth to get a 600mm hole.

Also available is the extra half-flite auger extension. Add this to the standard auger to shift the spoil further from the hole where it doesn’t fall back in.

This is especially useful when digging 200mm and 300mm wide trenches. Both the trench cleaner and half-flite extension options are a must if you are serious about efficiency.


Dingo’s advanced multi pump hydraulic system allows for 95% of the Dingo’s oil to be passed directly to the trencher, with the flow divider (trenching valve) controlling the remaining 5% to the wheels optimising trenching power and wheel speed.

This configuration ensures excessive oil temperature is avoided which in turn maintains the viscosity of the oil and its ability to transfer power to the trencher.

Trenchers aren’t Trenchers. We build our own trenching attachment with a unique drive sprocket, boom and nose roller combination. Unlike trenching attachments that are ‘one size fits all’ for a range of machine brands, our trencher is designed to compliment the Dingo perfectly. This means that it trenches faster, maintains consistent depth and is less likely to stall.

Dingo recognises that the most efficient trenching machines use better quality chains with more teeth. This number of cutting teeth, combined with the correct chain speed, allows for the best and most efficient cut possible.

Dingo applies this knowledge to give you the best trenching machine available. Other manufacturers save money by utilising fewer teeth and then try to compensate with speed.

In doing so they only do injustice to the result required, with teeth doing more bouncing than cutting and the increased speed reducing torque making the trencher more inclined to stall.


Used For: Digging trenches in soil, clay, sand, rock and shale.

Used By: Contractors, Plumbers, Landscapers, Electricians and Hire Companies.

Used With: Trencher Cleaner (Crumber Bar), Adapter Kits, Blade, Turf Cutter and Under Road Borer.