Wacker by Dingo SM325-27W Mini Skid-Steer Loader

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– Industry leading 5 year / 5,000 hour warranty.

– All-Wheel-Drive

– The most powerful hydraulic pumps in their class.

– Superior hydraulic design, there is no need for an oil cooler.

– Steel hydraulic piping wherever possible instead of hoses helps keep oil cooler.

– Eliminating 90 degree angles wherever possible helps reduce friction which helps keep oil cooler.

– Uniquely designed Flow Divider to complement the engine and hydraulic pump combination.

– Industry leading service and maintenance access.

– Superior Chassis: 15mm thick solid chassis and main frame.

– Low centre of gravity gives the best ground engagement, turning speed and tractive force.

– Dry bushing technology requires no daily greasing and helps ensure greater machine life.

– Wheeled and tracked machines are available.

Technical Specifications

Engine:Yanmar 3TNV76 (27hp)
Machine mass:984 kg
Rated lift capacity:325 kg WLL
Pump sizes:11 & 4 cc
Relief pressure (max.):3,200psi / 220bar
Hydraulic performance:27hp & 54 L/min
Hydraulic reservoir capacity:76 L
Max travel speed:7.5 km/h


Overall dimensions (L x W x H):1,600 x 850-1,050 x 1,200 mm
Max. operating height (4 in 1 bucket):2,080 mm
Turning radius with (4 in 1 bucket):1,300 mm
Angle of departure:25 degrees
Wheelbase:800 mm
Ground clearance:135 mm
Dump height (standard bucket):1,450 mm
Dump height (4 in 1 bucket):1,835 mm
Reach fully raised (4 in 1 bucket):800 mm
Height to hinge pin:1,940 mm


What makes a Wacker Neuson Mini Loader so far beyond the others?

They punch above their weight:

– Best lift to weight ratio

– Up to 440kg SWL / 1080 kg machine & 72 kg operator

– Best turning circle footprint

– Easier to turn a square than a rectangle!

– 180 degree operator access departure

– Operator comfort – hot air drawn away from the operator

– Narrow Access – on the fly with rim change

– Ground speed from power – not wheel circumference

– More Grunt = More power, more push and more lift

– Diesel Triple has the OVERDRIVE feature – get more ground covered and more work done


Attachments aren’t just add-ons:

– The uniquely designed Flow Divider complements the engine and hydraulic pump combination.

– Like a 4wd gearbox – 4wd high to 4wd low – it controls wheels speed in relation to ground conditions and attachment requirements.

– Precisely diverts oil from the wheels to the attachment flow.

– Trenching valves on other brands tend to restrict hydraulic flow (and increase heat). Only a Wacker Neuson mini loader has a true flow diverter with accurate positioning.

– The ultimate power control when using high flow attachments – trenchers, stump grinder, rotary graders & hoes, flail mowers.