Wacker Neuson Wheel Loader WL110

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– Powerful Ecospeed Pro transmission

– Articulated joint and pendulum axle in rear

– Trailer operation up to 18 tonnes for all widely-used coupling systems

– Excellent all-round visibility due to fully glazed cabin and plenty of headroom and freedom of movement

– Optimal service accesses due to the wide-opening engine hood and removable mudguards

– Hydraulic oil volume adjustment easily via “jog dial”

– Automatic bucket return saves the tool position at the touch of a push button

Technical Specifications


EngineDeutz TCD 4.1 S5
Engine performance115 kW (@ 2,300 rpm)
Displacement4,038 cm³
Coolant typeWater/charge air
Exhaust after treatmentDOC + DPF + SCR
Emission standards stageStage V

Electrical system

Operating voltage12 V
Battery185 Ah
Alternator120 A


Operating weight11,250 kg
Tipping load with bucket – machine straight7,739 kg
Tipping load with bucket – machine at angle6,674 kg
Tipping load with pallet fork – machine straight6,851 kg
Tipping load with pallet fork – machine at angle5,946 kg

Vehicle data

Bucket capacity Standard bucket1.8 m³
Traction driveHydrostatic via universal joint shaft
Drivers cabCab
Speed (optional)0-20 (40) km/h
Speed Level3
Standard tyres500 / 70 R24 Michelin BIBLOAD ET40
Fuel tank capacity140 L
Hydraulic oil tank capacity125 L

Hydraulic system

Driving hydraulics – operating pressure480 bar
Operating hydraulics – operating pressure250 bar
Operating hydraulics – discharge capacity180 L/min

Sound level

Average sound power level LwA100.7 dB(A)
Guaranteed sound power level LwA102 dB(A)
Specified sound pressure level LpA70 dB(A


The WL110 wheel loader has reached a new class in performance, tipping load and pushing power. Thanks to the large bucket capacity and the high operating weight, it is ideally suited for handling heavy material. The engine and the work hydraulics are designed for performance and make the machine an efficient material handler for moving large volumes of material.

Stepless transmission

The ecospeed Pro is a stepless, hydrostatic transmission. It is just as compact and energy-efficient as the conventional drive systems, however it does achieve higher levels of traction and speeds. The WL110 has a stepless acceleration with ecospeed Pro, while simultaneously reaching up to 40 km/h without tractive effort interruptions.

Optimal service access

The WL110 has easily accessible inspection flaps and the fenders are removable. This enables uncomplicated access to the engine, hydraulic system and electronics The inspections and maintenance of the machine are made significantly easier Even the engine hood can be easily opened upwards, thus providing optimal access.

Have everything under control with the digital 7” display:

Alongside the standard displays, such as temperature, fuel level and operational hours, the active functions are also displayed in the cockpit, for example the activated electro-functions, continuous operation of the 3rd control circuit or the activated differential lock – therefore all processes in the machine. The display is positioned to the top right – always in sight, without being in the way

Very simply over the rough and the smooth:

Tight corners, small inclines – every construction site is different. In order to bring the material securely to the target location, the WL110 is equipped with an articulated joint and oscillating axle at the rear. This ensures optimal maneuverability and traction in every situation. The steering angle has been liberally designed at 40°, the turning circle on tires is 4.90 m and the internal radius is 2.45 m.

Large, ergonomic, comfortable cab:

The WL110 provides legroom, clearly arranged combi-instruments, a comfortable operator’s seat and optimal view of the attached equipment. The console with the multi-function joystick, “Jog Dial”, electronic hand throttle and inching has been realized on the seat – everything you need for the greatest possible comfort and fatigue-free working.

Hydraulic oil quantity adjustment simply via the “Jog Dial”:

If an attachment tool does not require the full hydraulic performance, the flow volume can be manually reduced. This is how the operator can work sensitively and resource-friendly with the machine and attachment tool.

Discover variety with attachments and quickhitch systems

A hydraulic quickhitch system ensures greater productivity and economic efficiency. With a vast number of attachments the WL110 becomes a multi-tool for various applications.

Bucket recirculation automation

Readily accessible on the joystick, the position of the tool holding fixture is placed and saved with just one keystroke. At the next load process, the tool can go back to the exact same position. A plus point for comfort, precision and speed for the operator during repetitive work, such as stacking or filling of containers at a fixed height.