WL70 Articulated Wheel Loader - Cabin

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Thanks to the latest engine technology pursuant to the latest exhaust emission standard, the WL70 offers an extremely efficient, but also powerful engine that makes the wheel loader a powerhouse in action. This is being supported by a very robust, powerful load-arm design, which makes a quick and efficient materials handling possible. All electrical functions of attachment tools can optionally be operated by joystick. This increases efficiency and allows faster workflows.

– Powerful Perkins engine with 55.4 kW or optionally 90 kW and SCR system (Selective Catalytic Reduction).

– 3.5 inch color display with many functions and clear control lights.

– 40 km/h variant due to larger motors with higher torque (optional).

– Optional on-roof climate control for more operator comfort.

– Optimized use of attachment tools by oil level regulation, high flow option and continuous function for the 3rd and 4th control circuits.

Engine standardEngine optional

Engine / Motor

Engine / Motor manufacturer PerkinsPerkins
Engine / Motor model854E-E34TAWF854E-E34TAWF
Cylinder 44
Engine performance (standard)55.4 kW90 kW
at rpm (max.)2,200 rpm2,200 rpm
Displacement 3,400 cm³3,400 cm³
Coolant type Water / charge airWater / charge air

Electrical system

Operating voltage 12 V
Battery capacity95 Ah
Alternator 120 A


Operating weight 7,140 kg
Tipping load with bucket – machine straight4,762 kg
Tipping load with bucket – machine at angle3,926 kg
Tipping load with pallet fork – machine straight4,254 kg
Tipping load with pallet fork – machine at angle3,559 kg

Vehicle data

Bucket capacity (standard bucket)1.1 m³
Traction drive Hydrostatic via universal joint shaft
Axles PA1422
Drivers cab Cabin
Speed (optional)0-20 (30) km/h
Speed level 2
Standard tires 405/70 R 18 EM ET0

Hydraulic system

Driving hydraulics – operating pressure445 bar
Operating hydraulics – operating pressure210 bar
Operating hydraulics – discharge capacity
100 L/min
Operating hydraulics – discharge capacity (optional up to)150 L/min

Filling capacities

Fuel tank capacity105 L
Hydraulic oil tank95 L

Sound level

Guaranteed sound power level LwA 103 dB(A)
Specified sound pressure level LpA78 dB(A)
Standard bucket = digging bucket, 2,000 mm width
Tipping load calculation according to ISO 14397-EN474-3


– Perkins engine with 55.4 kW performance, emissions standard level III B.

– Optionally available version with 90 kW performance which meets the requirements of emission standard level IV (after treatment by DOC and SCR-cat), ideal for inner city operation and with economical fuel consumption

– More about emission standard levels: www.wackerneuson.com/engines

Inch brake pedal

– Full power for the hydraulics and at the same time reducing the travel speed: To do this, you only need one pedal with the Wacker Neuson wheel loaders.

– You can regulate both mechanical as well as hydraulic braking (“inching”) via the brake-inch pedal.

– The advantages are obvious: less wear of the service brake and optimal power distribution of the engine output.

No pressure on inch brake pedal: full power for the drive system.

Slightly depressed brake-inch pedal: The speed is reduced, more power to the work hydraulics.

Further depressed brake-inch pedal: The speed is reduced further, even more power to the work hydraulics.

Further depressed brake-inch pedal: The wheel loader stands still, full power to the work hydraulics.

The articulated pendulum joint

The guarantee for the best possible stability and maneuverability. Due to the joint, all four wheels remain in constant contact with the ground and the machine moves with maximum traction.

In addition, the machine is therefore uniquely maneuverable. It is capable to turn curves at an angle of up to 45° degrees.

Easy maintenance and service access

– Tiltable cabin for quick and easy access to the engine, hydraulic system and electrical system.

– Engine hood can be opened in just one step for service and maintenance access to the hydraulic oil tank, air cleaner, engine oil, oil dipstick and cooling water.

– Maintenance and service made extremely easy!

Driver’s cabin

Ergonomic workplace:

– Plenty of legroom, clearly arranged combi-instruments,comfortable air suspension seat and an adjustable joystick console.

– Large glass windows on all sides for an optimal overview of the work area.

– Cabin door can be opened 180°.

Jog Dial

– Pre-setttings can be defined, stored, and retrieved simply by pushing a button e.g. flow rate of hydraulic oil, Continuous function for hydraulic attachment tools and many more.

Differential lock

– The connectable 100% differential lock engages in order to work reliably on difficult terrain.

– The result: maximum shear forces with excellent ground grip.

– During normal driving, the lock is not connected. This protects the tires from wear.


Everything runs perfectly if the wheel loader and tires are optimally matched to the substrate and application area. Four treads are available to choose from at Wacker Neuson:

RP tread: Suitable for application on lawns. The ground is not disturbed due to the large contact surface.

AS tread: With tapered slats that are suitable for particularly greasy and heavily soiled floors.

EM tread: With almost parallel slats for loose grounds like sand, gravel or crushed stone. This type of tire achieves a large contact surface, thereby achieving a high shear force transmission and is very quiet on the road.

MPT tread: Offers the perfect combination of good traction in uneven terrain as well as quick road crossings.

Multiuse tread: for mixed all-year use and various climatic conditions. High traction on loose ground as well as good stability on snow and slippery surfaces.

SureTrax tread: large contact areas, high load carrying capacity, ideal for fixed and other hard surfaces.