Dumper Wheeled DV60 Dual View 6T

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– The 180° turnable driving seat ensures a circumferential visibility and a maximum safety on the job-site

– The new driver’s position concept enables the driver to turn the seat and the console terminal at 180°

– The dual view drives like a job-site truck, but considerably more useful off-road

– Fully control over the load and precise dumping

– High ground clearance for use in rough terrain

– The hydrostatic drive and the hydrostatic brake action relieve the use enormously

– Acceleration from 0 to the maximum of 30 km/h without loss of tractive effort

– All of the dual view dumpers outreach the effective norm of field of vision ISO 5006 and ensure a maximum of safety

– The very comfortable cabin is provided (partial optional) with tinted windows, climate control, sunscreens, oddments storage places and much more


Skip capacity heaped3,600 L
Operating weight3,718 kg
Shipping weight3,529 kg
Length4,799 mm
Payload6,000 kg
Height3,078 mm
Width2,328 mm
weight cabin4,640 kg
Weight4,114 kg
Skip capacity levelled2,700 L
Skip capacity waterlevel1,900 L
Travel speed30 km/h


Engine ManufacturerDeutz
Engine typeWater-cooled 4-cyl diesel
Cylinder capacity2,925 cm3
Effective power55.4kW / 74.3hp
Nominal Engine speed2,200 rpm
Starter battery Voltage12 V
Battery capacity (nom. value)71 Ah


Operating pressure hydraulics240 bar
Hydraulic fluid volume61.5 L
Oil volume6.7 L
Tank capacity80 L
Cooling fluid volume5.0 L


A new spin on material handling

With the dual view, the operator always has full visibility ahead: when unloading, he looks in the direction of the skip, before continuing driving, the operator swivels the seat and console so he is facing in the driving direction. It is more efficient for the operator to quickly rotate the seat and drive than use time-consuming maneuvers and fuel to reposition the machine between traveling and unloading. There is an enhanced degree of safety on the job site because the operator always has an optimal view of the site.

dual view - the perfiect line of sight for loading as well as driving

Driving position:

The dual view operates like a construction truck, but is significantly more suitable for off-road applications.

Working position:

Full load monitoring and precise dumping.

Hydrostatic drive

  • The vehicle slows to a stop as the operator takes his foot off the gas pedal
  • Full focus on the job without frequent gear changes
  • One central hydraulic motor that drives both axles via a cardan shaft
  • Hydrostatic braking effect as soon as the foot is removed from the accelerator pedal
  • Low-wear drive for low service and maintenance costs
  • Controlled deceleration for regulated changeover, thus no abrupt changes of travel
  • Accelerate from zero to maximum speed of 18.6 mph (30km/h) without loss of traction

Easy to use ergonomic rotary console.

Easy 180° rotation – time-consuming turning maneuvers are obsolete.

  1. Joystick handle with direction change switch and dump operation, so one hand can always stay on the steering wheel.
  2. Multifunction display for machine functions
  3. Standard rear-view camera monitor, so you can always see the skip in any seating position.
  4. Steering column with tilt adjustment simplifies safer entry and exit
  5. Additional storage space
  6. Ball bearing slewing ring for quick change of the seat position

Comfort cab

The DV60 dual view provides plenty of head and legroom inside the cab. It is equipped with heating and air conditioning as standard (on cab versions). The operator can work under ideal temperature conditions in summer as well as in the winter times. The cab is equipped with ROPS/FOPS Level II.

Driving direction

Skip direction

Entering the driver’s cab

Entry and exit is easy with steps that are highlighted with a contrasting color for better visibility.