HE50 – Truss Screed – End Section

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Vibratory truss screeds are designed for precise strike-off and consolidation of concrete surfaces up to 25 cm/10 inches thick where critical flatness is desired. The bolted construction throughout the screed sections allow for fast assembly without special tools. The T-bolt adjuster provides quick, precise adjustments for flat, crowned or inverted strike-off.

– Winch system consists of two cranks located on the same end of the screed for one-person operation.

– Lightweight, high strength aluminum truss for reduced weight and easy machine handling.

– Connector plate with greaseable flange bearing provides rigidity for even vibration and fast assembly of sections.

– Eccentric weights are located near the shaft bearings to prevent shaft whip and extend bearing life.

– Fully self-contained unit will run on any form such as pipe, wood, block or metal.

End Section

Length: 1.5 m
Width (beam): 355 mm
Height: 475 mm
Weight: 30 kg

Note: Truss Screeds are comprised of 3 sections; the power section, the centre section and the end section. This is the end section only.