Dingo Rotary Hoe Pro

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The Dingo Rotary Hoe has a full 1m cut and digs to approximately 150mm deep. Like the trencher, the ground speed is controlled with the flow divider so the hoe can be worked at a speed relative to the toughness of the ground being hoed.

Hoeing is done with the machine in reverse, so you can clearly see where you are going and don’t drive over the freshly tilled soil. Another common use for the Rotary Hoe is loosening areas where dirt has to be removed for example driveways and footpaths.

The Dingo’s unique multi pump hydraulic system combined with the flow divider (used for trenching) allows infinite control of the ground speed allowing you to choose a slower speed for tough conditions and faster speeds for softer conditions. The fine speed control and the Dingo’s incredible hydraulic power, allows the Rotary Hoe to till the toughest soil and even bitumen.

The Dingo Rotary Hoe is a very good gardening tool, but it is often found on construction sites loosening up dirt before removal. It is great for creating a square edge or a flat bottom to an area where dirt needs to be removed. This is one tough bit of equipment.

Used For: Digging garden beds, loosening topsoil, concrete slab preparation.

Used By: Landscapers, Contractors and Hire Companies..


Width of Cut:1000 mm
Max Cutting Depth:150 mm
Tynes:Hardened, double edge, replaceable
Approx Weight:170 kg
Hydraulic Flow:40-47 L/min