WL52 Articulated Wheel Loader – Cabin

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The wheel loader WL52 should not be missing on any construction site. In addition to powerful hydraulics, it also offers an extremely easy-to-use joystick pilot control to allow operators fatigue-free working, even during long workdays. The powerhouse with lots of power in the engine also convinces with high ripping forces and amply dimensioned tipping cylinders. Ideally suited for frequent material handling and many loading cycles

– Comfortably equipped cabin with optimal ergonomics and a clear overview.

– Tilt-down operator’s cab allows for easy access to the engine, hydraulics and electronics – which saves time and money.

– Powerful hydraulics with many options (e.g. Highflow) for a wide range of attachments and applications.

– Very high ripping forces due to the large-sized tipping cylinders.

– WL52 with powerful Z-kinematics and low front carriage for extra tipping load and an overview of the working area.

Engine / Motor

Engine / Motor manufacturer Deutz
Engine / Motor modelTCD 2.9 L4 S5
Number of cylinders4
Engine performance 55.4 kW
at rpm (max.)2,300 rpm
Displacement 2,900 cm³
Coolant typeWater / charge air
Emission standards stage V

Electrical system

Operating voltage12 V
Battery capacity95 Ah
Alternator 95 A


Operating weight 5,100 kg
Tipping load with bucket – machine straight 3,949 kg
Tipping load with bucket – machine at angle3,416 kg
Tipping load with pallet fork – machine straight 3,055 kg
Tipping load with pallet fork – machine at angle 2,555 kg

Vehicle data

Bucket capacity Standard bucket0.85 m³
Traction drive Hydrostatic via universal joint shaft
Axles PA1400
Drivers cab Cab
Speed (optional)0-20 (30) km/h
Speed level 2
Standard tires 405/70 R 18 EM ET0

Hydraulic system

Driving hydraulics – operating pressure 450 bar
Operating hydraulics – operating pressure220 bar
Operating hydraulics – discharge capacity73.6 L/min
Operating hydraulics – discharge capacity (optional up to)115 L/min

Filling capacities

Fuel tank capacity 82 L
Hydraulic oil tank 66 L

Sound level

Guaranteed sound power level LwA 101 dB(A)
Specified sound pressure level LpA 78 dB(A)

DOC = Diesel oxidation catalyst

DPF = diesel particulate filter

Tipping load calculation according to ISO 14397-EN474-3

WL52 features in an overview

The articulated pendulum joint

The guarantee for the best possible stability and maneuverability. Due to the joint, all four wheels remain in constant contact with the ground and the machine moves with maximum traction. In addition, the machine is therefore uniquely maneuverable. It is therefore possible to turn curves at an angle of up to 40° degrees.

The best view thanks to the low front carriage

The WL52 with powerful Z-kinematics is equipped with a low front carriage. This provides an excellent overview of the attachments, the immediate working area, and the entire machine surroundings. In addition, the low front carriage allows for high tipping loads and break out forces.

Two lift cylinders

For even more stability of the loading system, all wheel loaders from Wacker Neuson are equipped with two lift cylinders. In this way, the hydraulic power is optimally distributed to the load arm. The size of the lift cylinder is adapted to the size of the respective machine.

A multi-tool for different applications.

Regardless of whether you are transporting, sweeping, stacking or pushing: Thanks to the various attachments, your wheel loader becomes a universal device carrier.

Hydraulic equipment change directly from the operator’s seat

Thanks to the hydraulic quick-change system, attachments can be readily and easily exchanged. Your machine is thus always ready for use. This increases productivity and profitability. Attachments are exchanged using 2-hand operation, which makes an unintentional change impossible – safety always takes priority!

Optimal service accesses

The WL52 is equipped with a tiltable cabin. This allows easy access to the engine, hydraulic system, and electronics. This greatly facilitates the inspection and maintenance of the machine. The engine hood can be opened widely, thereby allowing for optimal access.

100 % differential lock

The connectible 100 % differential lock provides maximum traction and thrusting power when needed. It also keeps the tire wear low (switched off during normal operation).

Choose your driver’s cabin

High cabin

Low cabin

Comfortably equipped cabin

Comfort and a high degree of ergonomics in the cabin should allow the operator to work for hours fatigue-free and productively. The spacious cabins are ideally damped against vibrations, for example, and the comfort seat is additionally air-cushioned. The steering wheel, seat and operator’s controls can be individually adapted to the operator’s size. The machine and additional functions are controlled via a joystick of the latest generation. In this way, the operator always has everything in hand.

Good all-round visibility and an ergonomic working area.

Plenty of legroom, clearly arranged instrument panel, comfortable operator’s seat and optimal view of the attachment. A working area that motivates the operator and fully supports the operator.

Inch brake pedal

– Full power for the hydraulics and at the same time reducing the travel speed: To do this, you only need one pedal with the Wacker Neuson wheel loaders.

– You can regulate both mechanical as well as hydraulic braking (“inching”) via the brake-inch pedal.

– The advantages are obvious: less wear of the service brake and optimal power distribution of the engine output.

No pressure on inch brake pedal: full power for the drive system.

Slightly depressed brake-inch pedal: The speed is reduced, more power to the work hydraulics.

Further depressed brake-inch pedal: The speed is reduced further, even more power to the work hydraulics.

Further depressed brake-inch pedal: The wheel loader stands still, full power to the work hydraulics.